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The bad smell is due to the molecules of odors from various specific substances entering your nose.

The bad smelle usually does not contain bacteria or viruses and carries no disease per se and theorically, should not make sick people or animals… but the smell molecules have major disadvantages. In adition, certain gaseous compound accompanying these odors can have effects on your health by causing shortness of breath, headaches, irritation to

the eyes or, if large amounts are inhaled, even until death. 



Two main dangerous gas from bad odors:


Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

At a typical egg smell rotten. This gas is produced by the degradation in anaerobic (without oxygen) of organic matter by bacteria : it is a common component of the ‘’sewer gas’’, but this gas causes no disease ; when molecules of that substance penetrate in your nose, they attack the central nervous system.

Exposure to larger amount can be fatal.




Toxicity of ammonia

Even marginal rise (normal levels 10 – 20 ug/l) ammonia is harmful to the brain. Ammonia accumulates in the brain and causes of speech disorder, blurred vision, tremors and can lead to a coma, or worse. It is also a flammable and explosive gas within a concentration of 15 to 28 %. Explosive reactions can form when it comes in contact with other substances such as halogen, mercury or the acetic aldehic.


In summary, how does act the Dr.Smell solution:


It's an innovative solution, that is highly effectiv and neutral for the environment against any type of bad smell oxygen-based. Dr.Smell works with mineral complex extracted from natural minerals placed to the Ionic State; diluted in water it generates a consolidation solution or several forms of water molecules; grouped clusters are formed half size smaller. Microorganisms interact strongly when tey are in contact with this cluster of water containing th Dr.Smell solution and these microorganisms are destroyed eliminating the source of bad smells.


The Dr.Smell solution does not mask the odors, but effectively and sustainably eliminates sources of bad odors.


In slimming / oxydizing microorganisms and germs, the solution Dr.Smell cleans up the environment while significantly reducing the concentration of dangerous gases emitted by these microorganisms out of animals excrements.


Some applications fields:



Bins and manure tanks

Wastes purification plants





pig farm 2.JPG  

. Pigs farms



...and more:

- chicken farms (for elimation of odors and ammonia)



 Deivery of concentate solution:

For chicken farms, 20l.

For pigs farms, 20 l.




...available starting 2019:

- Bowel movements of pigs and pools of urine (waste water treatment)

  1000 cycles recycling of dirty waters..

- Toilets (public, dry, on highways, construction sites, in planes, trains, boats, bus, a.s.o.

- Private use: litters of cats, sport shoes and many other.




Use of concentrates is strictly limited to trained people on use of toxical products..


 For diluted solutions (1:100 -> 1:200 and more) same careful use as per recommendations on cleaning products sold in Supermarkets.



 Contact  coordinates for::


- Price Lists, discounts, samples orders, general sale and delivery conditions:


                                 GENERAL DEALER

  IndustryCoaching von Büren Marc Sàrl. & Abaq Immobilier SA.

  1197 Prangins - Switzerland

  Mob. +4176.391 73 67                                      +4179.574 37 60
accueil_icbm@msn.com                      samira24@bluewin.ch








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